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Portrait of a Mother

Motherhood Portraits of Arlene by Aurora Photography There are certain images that always take me back in time. The photograph of the”infamous” flower dress on my 5th birthday that still sits…

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pamela and francisco
Pamela & Francisco

South Florida Breastfeeding Portrait with Pamela and Francisco by Aurora Photography I met Pamela and Francisco through a local mom group called Crunchy Moms of Broward County. Being fellow crunchy…

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lifestyle motherhood photography
Kamely & Kamila

A Portrait of Motherhood | Aurora Photography Kamely & Kamila When I first started my journey as a professional photographer (and not just shooting thousands of images of my own…

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The Roelans Family

Sometimes we have clients that make our jobs super easy. The Roelans Family session was like spending the afternoon at the beach with friends. Their beautiful daughter Madison was all…

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