family photography

Eva’s Pink Hair

It’s no secret that my oldest daughter, Eva, is a firecracker. She has so much personality and energy that I sometimes wonder where she got it all from. Eva has…

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Nadia Lifestyle Motherhood Photography
Nadia and Family

South Florida Lifestyle Family Photography at John U. Lloyd State Park | Aurora Photography This lovely family was in South Florida visiting for the summer when they asked me to…

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lifestyle family portrait
The Thomas-Watson Family

An Afternoon with the Thomas-Watson Family Lifestyle Photography | Aurora Photography If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of adventure and everything outdoors. If you’re not getting…

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North Carolina Lifestyle Photography
The Tomkins Family

Mountain Adventures with the Tomkins Family When I was sixteen I had the pleasure of meeting Rob and Heather at a little hole-in-the-wall music venue that ended up becoming our…

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Portrait of a Mother

Motherhood Portraits of Arlene by Aurora Photography There are certain images that always take me back in time. The photograph of the”infamous” flower dress on my 5th birthday that still sits…

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pamela and francisco
Pamela & Francisco

South Florida Breastfeeding Portrait with Pamela and Francisco by Aurora Photography I met Pamela and Francisco through a local mom group called Crunchy Moms of Broward County. Being fellow crunchy…

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